Utilities Regulation Advisory
Utilities Regulation Advisory
JESS SAIGAR2023-04-11T04:48:30+00:00

Jess has over a decade of experience providing strategic regulatory advice to and developing regulatory models for water businesses, economic regulators and governments around Australia and overseas. Most recently, Jess was the Strategy and Regulation Manager and led a diverse team of water resource specialists, strategists, data analysts and regulatory and pricing analysts at the newest water corporation in Victoria – Greater Western Water.

During her career, Jess has:

  • developed regulatory models to deliver building block analysis, tariff reform options, scenario analysis and easy to use dashboards
  • advised on tariff reform options, including billing practices
  • advised on the planning, development, review and defence of regulatory submissions;
  • developed on regulatory and business corporate strategies;
  • provided economic and commercial analysis of options;

Highlighted Experience

Regulatory Modelling2022-10-24T00:24:20+00:00

Jess has extensive experience in the design, development and review of regulatory, financial and corporate strategy models, including for Greater Western Water, Westernport Water, Coliban Water and Melbourne Water

Regulatory Reform2022-10-24T00:21:41+00:00

Jess has been involved in regulatory reform through her prior role at the Essential Services Commission of Victoria, including the methodology for a reference ‘Basic Service Offer’ for both electricity and gas in Victoria, involvement in the ESC’s Inquiry into a third party access regime for water and wastewater in Victoria and research into hardship policy and practices.  Jess also support Lower Murray Water and Western Water in their response to the development of Victoria’s PREMO framework.

Tariff Design and Modelling2022-10-24T00:26:46+00:00

Jess has extensive experience in the design and testing of tariffs, as well as the price controls that set prices year-on-year, implementation strategies and billing support.  This has included for Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, Coliban Water and the Essential Services Commission

Demand forecasting2022-10-24T00:28:45+00:00

Jess has led the preparation of demand forecasts to support regulatory price review processes, including the application of econometric techniques and the estimation of price elasticity.  Jess has completed this work for City West Water and Coliban Water.

Economic advisory2022-10-24T00:33:46+00:00

Jess has extensive experience completing economic analysis to support capital planning processes, including whole of community cost benefit analysis, the development of business cases, NPV analysis and multi-criteria analysis.  Jess has prepared a number of business cases that have been submitted to Victorian Treasury.  Jess has worked with Greater Western Water, Central Highlands Water, South East Water, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Kingston City Council, Western Water, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water and Melbourne Water


Jess has had significant involvement in the development and implementation of water policy across Victoria.  This has included the development of the Greater Melbourne Urban Water and System Strategy, the Central and Gippsland Region Sustainable Water Strategy, desalination water orders, bulk entitlement trading in Northern Victoria, integrated water management, and the pricing principles for negotiations between the Victorian Environmental Water Holder and Goulburn Murray Water.  Jess has worked with Greater Western Water, Western Water, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Coliban Water


Jess has provided commercial advice on contractual negotiations for large customers, the merger and integration of City West Water and Western Water (to form Greater Western Water) and the Fairer Water Bills process.  Jess completed this work for City West Water and Melbourne Water

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